Athens Open 2018

We know the importance of an impeccably trained team in delivering a successful Championship. We also know that even the most extensive planning on paper is never like the real thing.

The Athens EUDC 2019 team – from our bid team to our CAs – already has extensive experience in running large debate competitions, and we are very familiar with the venues we will be using.

But we are not going to stop at that. We are following the example of the impeccably organised Vienna EUDC 2015 and will organize the Athens Open 2018. This way, both you and we will know that Athens EUDC 2019 will be incredibly efficient and well-thought through.

The tournament will take place on the 27 – 29th of April and will be capped at 80 teams. Using the same main venue (HAEF), and the same hotel (President), it is more than certain that Athens Open will be a complete test run for Euros.

We plan to have five rounds, breaking to Quarters. Rounds start on Friday afternoon, and Finals end on Sunday by lunchtime.

Team Cap: 80 teams (with the possibility of extending to 100)
Registration fee: 80 EUR per person, covering 2 nights hotel accommodation, all meals, and transport in Athens.



Friday 27th
Registration at the hotel
From 16.00: Arrivals at the venue
Round 1
Round 2


Saturday 28th
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5


Sunday 29th