CA Team

Time to present the incredible people who will serve as Chief Adjudicators at the Athens Open 2018!


Sharmila Parmanand

Sharmila is easily one of the most experienced CAs in the world. She was the CA of Berlin WUDC 2013, a two-time DCA of Australs, and has been on the A team of over 70 University competitions. She will also be one of the CAs for Athens EUDC 2019. But her credentials don’t end there. She has judged the Open Grand Finals of WUDC twice, and the Grand Final of Australs three times. And she’s also an amazing speaker – among other things, she is a three-time Champion of Asians, and an Australs Grand Finalist. And did we mention she has an amazing track-record as a trainer? She’s delivered workshops in more than 30 countries.

Dan Lahav

Dan is an Open Semi-Finalist at WUDC, and twice Top 5 ESL Speaker. He is an EUDC ESL Champion, an Open Finalist, 2nd ranked Open Speaker, and twice the Top ESL Speaker. Beyond Euros and Worlds, he has won over 15 major competitions, including most recently the HWS Round Robin 2017 and the Cambridge IV 2017, and was Top Speaker at over 15 competitions, including being the best Open Speaker at the Cambridge IV (twice!) and Oxford IV. Perhaps more importantly, Dan has been a member of over 15 CA teams including the Oxford IV, IIT Bombay IV, Red Sea Open, Belgrade Open, Rotterdam Open, Zagreb Open, Moscow Open, BBU Open, Maastricht Open and more. He will be a CA for Athens EUDC 2019, was the DCA at Tallinn EUDC 2017 and will be serving as DCA at Cape Town WUDC 2019 as well.


Duncan Crowe

Duncan is a Chennai WUDC and Vienna EUDC Finalist. He has judged the Worlds Open and EFL Finals and the EUDC ESL Finals. He has served as Chief Adjudicator of tournaments on four different continents and will be a CA of Scottish EUDC 2018. He is currently working as a development officer for the International Debate Education Association.

Harish Natarajan

Harish reached the Grand Final and was the Second Best Speaker at WUDC 2016, won the 2012 European Championship, and reached the Grand Finals of EUDC 2010 and 2011. Harish has also won over 30 other debate competitions, including the Cambridge IV, the LSE Open, and the HWS Round Robin. Harish was the CA of WUDC 2014, EUDC 2016, the Oxford IV, the Cambridge IV (thrice!), and had been on the adjudication teams of over 50 competitions all over the world!