Convenors’ Welcome

Our fellow debaters,

We are very happy and honored to introduce to you Athens EUDC 2019.

Athens is the city that is most related to the birth of most of our common European values, as well as the birthplace of the study of logic and organized public discourse. In other words, it’s the home of the famous ancient Agora.

This is one of the reasons why we feel that the most prestigious European debating competition will be right at home in our city.

At the same time, Athens is a modern, vibrant, multicultural metropolis and a favorite travel destination for many Europeans and others. This means that it has all the necessary infrastructure to ensure that EUDC 2019 will be thoroughly accessible and a very enjoyable experience for all participants.

To further ensure this, we have put together an amazingly experienced team. Everyone, from our CAs to all org com members, has been involved in organizing a plethora of large competitions, both locally and internationally

So if you want to debate in the city of Plato and Aristotle; to relax after debates with a view of the Acropolis; or simply go to the beach, Athens EUDC 2019 is definitely the place to be.

Join us at the Agora!

Aspa Georgakopoulou & Vassilis Tsipopoulos
Co-convenors, Athens EUDC 2019