Debate Venue

  • 10 Minutes from the hotel: Transportation to and from the debate venue will be provided by us. But the venue is also fully accessible by public transportation, and taxi or Uber will get to the venue for 1 Euro per person.
  • All debate rooms in one building: The main building houses 75 debate rooms, over three floors, all conveniently located in one building. That’s more than enough for the debates, plus back-up rooms.
  • Close to the announcement hall: Debate rooms are on average 1 minute away from the announcement hall, with the farthest ones being at a maximum of 4 minutes walking time, with a slow walking pace.
  • Fully accessible: The rooms are all wheelchair accessible and the building has a lift for that very purpose. To put things into perspective, the building has facilities that accommodate more than 1,000 people on a daily basis who work and study there.
  • Classrooms perfect for debate: The classrooms themselves are designed for class sizes in excess of 20 people and thus will be able to comfortably host the most demanding of debaters. They are all soundproofed, so no interference will exist between adjacent debates. This is something that we tested on-site, even though the school also has a long tradition of hosting debate and oratory tournaments which speak as to the quality of the acoustics in the rooms.
  • Reliable internet access: The building has full wi-fi access, but all classrooms also have independent wired internet access as well as a back up. So the tab can run smoothly, and we can offer high-quality live streaming.
  • Central, comfortable announcement hall: The theatre boasts a seating capacity of 870 people. Just as the rest of the campus, it is fully accessible, has internet access, and all the audiovisual is already in place. Most importantly, as mentioned before, it is no longer than 4 minutes away from the farthest conceivable debate room.
  • Full catering facilities: The campus also has full catering facilities to store and serve food, which will facilitate both the handing out of meals as well as ensure their provision to participants in the best condition possible.