Jason Palmer | Equity


For the better half of Jason’s life, he has been debating internationally, first based in Greece and then in the UK. As a debater he has broken as a judge in 3 UK completions including the Oxford IV, been a finalist and best speaker in multiple UK and international competitions, and a trainer for both schools and university teams. Jason has been heavily involved in student welfare, being the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer for Bristol SU where he is rewriting the universities sexual violence policy, lobbying for disabled student accessibility, tackling hate crime for groups with protected characteristics, and acting as a policy trustee for the university. He has also set up his own LGBT+ charity which lobbies and writes inclusivity policies for schools and now impacts over 3000 students, worked as a policy coordinator for Help the Homeless, worked as a hate crime support worker for LGBT+ Bristol, worked with the UNHCR in Greece, and set up and wrote policy for 3 registered charities.