Lucy Murphy | Language


For the past 5 years, Lucy has worked in Language schools around Ireland and England teaching English as a foreign language to students from around the world. She was recently appointed Welfare Manager at an international language course, and has made improving access issues in debating a focus of her time in debating.

As a judge, Lucy is a 3-time EUDC breaking Judge (2016/2017/2018). In Novi Sad, Lucy was the Chair of the ESL quarterfinal and judged the open Semis. She has chaired multiple out-rounds around Europe over the last 4 years including Helsinki Open Final 2016, UCD Lawsoc IV Final 2017, Barcelona Open Semi Final 2018, UDP Open Final 2019. Lucy was also the Chief Adjudicator of 10 competitions including Cork IV 2017, SOAS IV 2017 and Finish Nationals 2018.

As a speaker, Lucy has broken in over 30 competitions, including winning the Belfast Open 2016, Riga Open 2017, and Munich Research Open 2019.