Organising Committee

Today, more than ever, we understand the needs of the debating community, and the complexities of running an event as large and as prestigious as EUDC. We know that great hosting means giving priority above all else to the needs and wants of participants. It means making sure everyone is looked after; everyone is comfortable; and that they can rely on all your promises – from the venues and accommodation, to the budget and the schedule.

Our bid team brings together people with extensive experience in hosting events, and a deep commitment to making Athens EUDC 2019 a fantastic and efficient tournament for all.


Aspa Georgakopoulou

Aspa had her first debating experience in 2003 as a student and kept debating throughout her university studies. She served as Logistics director in WUDC 2016, while her organisational background also includes two National Selection Conferences of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Greece that she head-organised, as well as the media coverage of the 66th International Session of the EYP. She holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, a MSc in Sustainable Energy from the Imperial College and currently works as a project engineer for an energy company.



Vassilis Tsipopoulos

Vassilis, the convenor of Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 and a recent Greek national champion, has served on the organising committee of the Edinburgh University Debates Society for four years, including serving one term as treasurer and two years as the coordinator of the Society’s training offerings. Vassilis has convened schools competitions for Edinburgh and has been the CA of university competitions for AUEB in Athens and AUTH in Thessaloniki. He was a finalist at the international Patras Open 2013, a quarterfinalist at Koc Open 2006 and the winner of five national debating competitions in Greece.


Tournament Director

Artemis Semenoglou

Artemis studies Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He started competitive debating in High School back in 2009 and continued as a university student. Through those years, he has participated in many tournaments as a debater and a judge, and broke in a couple of them. He was on the organizing committee of WUDC 2016 as the IT director.


Finance Director

Themis Markidis

Themis had his first debating experience in 2002 and kept debating throughout his secondary education both in English and Greek. After a pause in his involvement during his university studies in the US, he helped run and train Thessaloniki’s Debating Club, the Deree College debate team, and multiple schools teams. Since 2016 he is also coaching the Greek WSDC team and he was the Finance Director of Thessaloniki WUDC 2016.


Geo Angelopoulos

Geo is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Technical University of Athens. He won the latest national debating tournament, the 2016 Panhellenic Debating Championship of AUEB, and has broken more than a handful times in national championships. Geo was a member of the organising committee of WUDC 2016 as IT team member coordinating the cross platform development of the WUDC 2016 mobile app.


Stratos Baloutsos

Stratos has been active in the the Greek debating community for more than 12 years in many roles and functions. He is a founding member of the Debating Society of Greece and the University of Patras debate club. He has organized debate tournaments for every debate club in Greece and has been in more CA teams than he is able to remember. He is currently working as an analyst for Octane Management Consultants.


Kallina Basli

Kallina has been involved in debating since 2002. She was on the organising committee of WUDC 2016 and WSDC 2009, a Language Officer in Warsaw EUDC 2016, and is a member of the Equity team at Tallinn EUDC 2017. She is an EUDC and WUDC breaking judge, and over the years has debated and judged in tournaments across Europe. She is currently working at the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF), ensuring we will have a great partnership with our host for the preliminary rounds.

Eirini Damianaki

Eirini started debating in 2001 as a high school student. During her most active decade, 2003 – 2013, she attended multiple tournaments, IVs, Euros and Worlds, and organized at least 10 national tournaments and 2 Opens. She is currently working as e-business manager for Legrand S.A. and as a full-time mom.


Stefanos Mantzarlis

Stefanos is an undergraduate in the Law Faculty of the University of Athens, with a great interest in debating and organising events. He is an active alumni of the European Youth Parliament, the 35th session of which he’s head-organising this April. He was also a volunteer in WUDC 2016.


Chara Kallinteri

Chara is a law school graduate and has been active in the Greek debating community since 2003. She has organized and judged numerous national championships and participated in international tournaments, such as Vienna EUDC 2015 and Warsaw EUDC 2016.

George Kotsaras

George is an Electrical & Computer Engineering student at the University of Patras. He has experience in organizing conferences and currently is member of the supervisory group for the Pan-Hellenic Electrical & Computer Engineering Student Conference (ECESCON), and in the past was the team leader of the Fundraising Team of ECESCON 8. George was a member of the org com of WUDC 2016 as the team leader of Fundraising.


Nafsika Nomikou

Nafsika has participated in several event productions and debating-wise she was a member of the communication team in WUDC 2016. She holds a degree in Accounting and Finance and is currently working as a technical analyst in a consulting company in Madrid.


Petros Papalianos

Petros has studied economics and started being involved in the Greek debating circuit in 2002. He has been a founding member of the Debating Club in the Athens University of Economics and Business, and of the Debating Society of Greece, as well as a member of the organizing committees for Athens WSDC 2009 and the National Schools Debating Championship held by the Ministry of Education. He served as a Chief Adjudicator for various tournaments in the Greek circuit and as a convener of the International Patras Open 2013.

Maria Roussi

Maria has been active in competitive debating for the last five years. She was the EFL World Champion at Thessaloniki WUDC 2016. She has broken twice at the PanHellenic Tournament of the Athens University of Economy and Business and participated in numerous other national and international tournaments, such as Vienna EUDC 2015 and Warsaw EUDC 2016.


Frosso Tsipopoulou

Frosso spent two jolly years in an international school in Wales and then moved on to study Japanese, English Literature and Film studies in Newcastle University. She now works in a commercial production company in Athens, producing TV commercials. She has dreams of becoming a film producer and has been in love with cinema since she was a student. She has no experience with debating and is generally afraid of it. However she confidently fought her fear in WUDC 2016, as she was in charge of the socials of the tournament.


Barbara Zaraveli

Barbara is currently studying Mass Media & Communication at the University of Athens and she is passionate about organizing events. Apart from several events as a student, she has also organized conferences of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Greece and the Annual Congress of the Forum of European Journalism Students (FEJS), which was held in Athens in 2015. She participated as a volunteer in WUDC 2016,as well as in EUDC 2016.