Outreach programme

In a month’s time we hope to be entrusted by you with the mission of hosting EUDC in 2019. We believe that the path to creating a great championship starts long before the tournament itself, not only on the logistical side of things, but also importantly in guaranteeing that the competition is able to provide a fair, educational and challenging experience.
We have written before that it is a major concern to us that out of the over 50 states in Europe, more than 15 don’t regularly participate or have never participated in the Championship, and that many within the countries who are represented don’t have equal access to means and resources to improve.
We know we can’t remedy all of these issues at once. But we are keen on drawing from the experience and resources of highly experienced coaches, in pushing our commitment to promoting debate further. To that end we are announcing our outreach programme and we are delighted to announce the team that has joined us! The objectives of this program are to collect data on the needs of underrepresented debating communities and provide them with targeted access to debating resources, training, and assistance in finding funding opportunities.
The training programme will be headed by no other than Sella Nevo:
Sella was the ESL best speaker and ESL champion at Galway EUDC 2011, the second best ESL speaker and ESL champion at Manila WUDC 2012, and champion of the HWS Round Robin 2017. He has CAed over a dozen tournaments including being a DCA at Zagreb EUDC 2014 and will DCA in the upcoming Mexico WUDC 2018.
Perhaps more importantly he is one of the best debate coaches of the world and knows how to push individuals and circuits forward. Over the course of his term as a coach he took dozens of people from being at the level of not knowing the rules of BP to being able to constantly break at competitions whether as speakers or as judges, including training multiple major internationals breaking teams and winners (when we say dozens we mean dozens we stopped our count at somewhere over 40).
Sella is joined by Vangelis Fafoutis, who is already working hard laying the groundwork and structure of the programme:
Vangelis’s involvement in debating goes back to 2005 during his last years of academic studies at the American College of Greece where he studied Marketing management. From then till now he took part in several local and foreign tournaments mainly as an adjudicator and volunteer.
He is currently working as a Chief Operating Officer and the right hand of the king at a major Greek e-liquid and flavor manufacturing company.
His eagerness to his job and his love talking on walkie talkies is only exceeded by his commitment to accomplish in the best way possible any task given to him in Athens EUDC 2019, so to add his two cents worth in making this tournament a historic one.
We are committed to funnel resources to the programme, using data as a key in guiding our decisions to maximize the utility of any resources invested. We have an initial research plan on what makes attendance rates high in the different circuits of Europe and secured some initial funding for the programme. We intend to involve and update the community on our progress.
We hope our investments will go a long way in promoting and pushing debating forward in many different circuits across Europe.