Tab Team

And since every tournament needs a skilled Tab Team, we are proud to announce that Valerie Tierney and Isabel Nimmo will be the masterminds of the Tab at Athens Open 2018!


Valerie Tierney

Valerie has tabbed numerous competitions across IONA and the rest of Europe, including tabbing the last two Euros, in Tallinn and Warsaw. She will also be tabbing the upcoming EUDC in Scotland and Cape Town WUDC. She has occasionally tried the talking part in debate but quickly realised that she preferred watching Netflix and sorting judge feedback during rounds. When not at debating competitions, Valerie can usually be found somewhere in the bowels of University College Dublin preparing for her veterinary final exams.


Isabel Nimmo

Isabel started out tabbing at the Stonehenge IV. Despite a somewhat lackluster participation, the tournament ran heavily behind time due to delays, with judges needing to carve results into ballots, but great improvements were later made in time for Pompeii Euros with the development of both papyrus and numbers. The latter proved especially helpful. Since then, she has completely lost track of how many competitions she’s tabbed for, but is very comfortably into triple figures and includes Worlds twice and Euros five times (yup – you read this right). On top of being the most experienced tab master ever, she’s also won EUDC, made the Grand Final of WUDC, and served as a EUDC DCA. When not lurking in the tab room, Isabel can be found pretending to be a serious scientist, while secretly spending lots of time messing about in boats.