Tab Advisors

We understand that a well-run tab is central to the success of any tournament. We also understand that, especially in competitions of this size, advice from those who have excelled in it before ensures that we will run the tab accurately and efficiently.

This is why we are delighted to have the guidance and support of two of most experienced and effective tab masters ever. Richard and Calum have already vetted our bid, checking that all the technological and logistical requirements are in place to ensure that the tab can run smoothly.

Since they are now retired, they won’t be tabbing the competition itself. But, over the course of the bid, they will be guiding us in refining the best practices for the tab that they have established over their years of experience, and they will assist us in building the competition’s tab team.

Richard Coates

Richard was the Tab Engineer at Zagreb EUDC 2014, Vienna EUDC 2015, Warsaw EUDC 2016, and Dutch Worlds 2017. He has been on the tab team for almost 50 debating competitions, including the Oxford and Cambridge IVs, and the English National Championships. He is also one of the lead developers of Tabbie.


Calum Worsley

Calum was the Tab Coordinator at Zagreb EUDC 2014, Vienna EUDC 2016, and Dutch Worlds 2017. His other tabbing experience includes many of the largest British Parliamentary competitions in the UK, including multiple Cambridge and Oxford IVs, and the Cambridge, Oxford and Durham Schools competitions.