Tab Team

Valerie and Isabel are among the most qualified people in the circuit to do this job and we couldn’t have asked for a better duo to run the tab in Athens. Both of them have tabbed numerous large-scale competitions around the globe and we rest assure their presence translates to accuracy and efficiency. 

We approached Richard and Calum since day one, asking their advice in order to ensure the tab will be run accurately and efficiently. Even though they are now retired and won’t be tabbing the competition itself, their guidance and support throughout the bid – and not only – process has been invaluable. 

Valerie Tierney | Tabulation Director

Valerie has tabbed numerous competitions across IONA and the rest of Europe, including the last three EUDC, in Tallinn, Warsaw and Novi Sad as well as the previous WUDC in in Cape Town. She has occasionally tried the talking part in debate but… Read more…

Isabel Nimmo | Tabulation Director

Isabel started out tabbing at the Stonehenge IV. Despite a somewhat lackluster participation, the tournament ran heavily behind time due to delays, with judges needing to carve results into into ballots, but great improvements were later made in time for…. Read more…

Richard Coates | Advisor
Richard was the Tab Engineer at Zagreb EUDC 2014, Vienna EUDC 2015, Warsaw EUDC 2016, and Dutch Worlds 2017. He has been on the tab team for almost 50 debating competitions, including the Oxford and Cambridge IVs, and the English National Championships. He is also one of the lead developers of Tabbie.

Calum Worsley | Advisor

Calum was the Tab Coordinator at Zagreb EUDC 2014, Vienna EUDC 2016, and Dutch Worlds 2017. His other tabbing experience includes many of the largest British Parliamentary competitions in the UK, including multiple Cambridge and Oxford IVs, and the Cambridge, Oxford and Durham Schools competitions.